Mastering Techniques

Written by David Eley – TGM Audio Mastering &

Mastering techniques – how important are they to the artist/producer of today?

With the increasing popularity of sites like YouTube and SoundCloud, the ability to do a decent job of your own audio mastering is becoming increasingly more important. For the majority of artists and producers, audio mastering is something that needs to be carried out on the fly as they upload countless mixes to social media websites.

Many will simply insert a compressor/limiter across the masters once the mix is finished – or even just have it there the whole time. This will certainly give your mix more perceived loudness but this doesn’t come close to sorts of things an audio mastering engineer can do.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the same commercial sounding finish the you get from a professional audio mastering services, but without having to pay a mastering service every time you finish a mix?

I created a mastering tutorial website which can teach anyone the techniques that many mastering engineers use to get that pristine polished finish so they can get a pro sound in their own project studio. It’s called and it takes you on a journey of discovery through the audio mastering process.

Here’s an overview… is a completely dedicated mastering tutorial website – specifically designed to equip you with everything you need… to load in your track for mastering – and instantly know exactly what you need to do to get impressive results with minimal trial and error - the main focus of this website is on the ‘art’ of mastering.

Recording, mixing and editing can be done with ease in any project studio, but for years, mastering has been one of those things you just leave to the pro’s. With over 8,000 genuine users of MasteringTuition site since the site opened, things certainly have changed!

Chances are, you may not know exactly what it is you’re doing wrong when attempting your own mastering, but you just don’t seem to get close to the sound of your favourite track in your iTunes library – you can literally go round in circles…  and it never turns out how you imagine.
Technology is advancing so quick, it’s not the case anymore that you can’t do your own mastering because you don’t have access to super sonic processors which cost $1,000′s. Plugins today are more than capable as you’re about to find out. But think about this, knowing how all the plugins work is one thing, but understanding how they all work together, in harmony, complimenting and reinforcing each others effect, as part of a mastering chain is completely another!

 What’s inside…

  • Text and video based mastering tutorial website
  • Main focus is on the ‘Art’ of mastering
  • Fundamental tools and methods discussed like, EQ, Compression, Multi-Band Compression and Limiting then moving on to more advanced mastering techniques
  • Witness a track being mastered
  • Be guided through a sophisticated mastering chain using software available as part of a DAW or freely available to download
  • Un-mastered material available to download for you to practice with
  • Mastering techniques are transferable to any hardware or software processor (That’s including Ozone and T-RackS )
  • iPhone/iPad friendly website - no flash videos
  • Entire course is downloadable as a free PDF eBook
  • Specifically designed to take you on a journey through the mysterious world of audio mastering
IMPORTANT POINT – Each mastering tutorial leads neatly in to the next, it is for this reason, we highly recconmend you proceed through the mastering tutorials in the order they are set out. Upon reaching the end of the mastering tutorials, you will see how all the subjects interlink, leading you to a sense of real understanding and enlightenment!
Do you want to become a master of audio?…